A View of Some Accomplishments
While some work still remains to be done, its proud to look back at a small sample of accomplished items showing what can be done.

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Silver Hill Boys and The Secret Railroad Club

Author Joe Karas has offered a $5 donation for each book sold of his recent book titled The Silver Hill Boys and The Secret Railroad Club which features four elementary school children who are extremely creative and knowledgeable. The Silver Hill Boys and the Secret Railroad Club highlights these adventurous boys with wondrous creativity and a wide scope of knowledge. Click the image on the left to learn more and to purchase the book. Sign up to be a subscriber! You, too, can be a part of the Secret Railroad Club. Just click on the following links and browse their affiliates.

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See the Flying Yankee on Chronicle

The Flying Yankee was featured on Chronicle last year on WCVB, Channel 5, in Boston. You can view this segment, by clicking here

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Flying Yankee presentations:

If your business, club or organization would like to host a presentation on the history, restoration and eventual use of the Flying Yankee, please contact us immediately.

We will be glad to provide an exciting presentation along with a question & answer period for your employees, members or guests. Presentations are usually 90-minutes in length and include a comprehensive Powerpoint display. However, we’ll be glad to adjust the time either way depending on your particular needs and schedule. Feel free to give us a call at603 661-3317 or send an E-mail to flyingyankee@usa.net for details on how you can host your own Flying Yankee presentation and help the restoration at the same time!
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